2018 Natural Stone Design Trends for Commercial and Residential Spaces

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Our booth at the NAHB 2018 International Builders’ Show® (IBS) gave us a rare opportunity to hear a number of perspectives about natural stone. While we recently shared key takeaways from the IBS, there are several more sustained or emerging commercial and residential design trends that architects, contractors and homeowners are partnering with Eden-Valders Stone to accomplish.

1. Limestone Facades

The perception of strength and permanence is paramount for many commercial buildings, but constructing a solid stone monolith is unfeasible in the modern era. Many architects are choosing to use limestone cladding to capture the robustness of stone. The enduring quality and contemporary aesthetic of the thin blocks and larger panels of limestone cladding elevate the beauty and durability of building facades in ways that man-made materials like precast stone cannot, usually at comparable cost.

2. Commercial Flooring

Once relegated to being covered with lower grade carpeting or inexpensive porcelain tile to control costs, commercial flooring is enjoying a long overdue upgrade. Limestone tile is now the favored foundation for many commercial spaces, primarily due to its versatility, durability and elegant presence. Natural stone elements are beautiful, of course, but they also convey security and professionalism. Take notice of the floors and walls next time you’re in a bank. Chances are, they’re covered in natural stone.

3. Focal Points

From sleek and monochromatic to inherently variegated and rustic, natural limestone surfaces are doing more than setting a mood. Unadorned natural stone is increasingly being treated as artwork, often used to provide visual depth and unique focal points to ordinary, functional settings — like highly polished countertops in a residential kitchen or craggy lobby walls in a hotel.

Similarly, home exteriors are leaning toward artistry. Dimensional stone with subdued textures and organized patterns like the square-and-rectangle Ashlar motif is being increasingly chosen for its highly visual, linear appeal.

4. Multifamily Dwelling Value-Adds

Condos, townhomes and other multifamily dwellings catering to upscale renters or buyers are routinely being outfitted with organic materials. The real and perceived value of cut stone features like staircases and fireplaces, for example, drive upsell opportunities and rent values in more affluent areas.

5. Au Naturel Interiors

Sustainability and craft are quickly finding their way back to the top of the list for interior designers, as is blurring the line between constructed spaces and the natural world. Natural stone, then, is a preferred material as it combines the chicness of enduring design with the serenity of nature.

Natural stone trends are ever-evolving, and that could lead to some confusion about the terms surrounding this sought-after building material. Learn the language of limestone and stay ahead of the next big thing in natural stone with our Glossary of Stone Industry Terms. Click the button below to access your copy now!

Glossary of Stone Industry Terms

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