Are All Pavers Created Equal?

You might not think there’s a huge difference in the pavers you choose for your pool or patio other than their price and appearance, but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. Particularly when deciding between limestone, concrete, brick, and travertine pavers, each type provides different benefits, and differs in maintenance, durability, safety, and more. To help you decide which paver is the ideal fit for your next landscaping project, here’s a full breakdown of the four paver types listed above.

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What You Need to Know About Limestone Durability

As the principal building material for landmarks from the ancient Great Pyramids to modern marvels like the Empire State Building, the enduring beauty and durability of limestone has reached across time and borders to preserve moments in history. Given its staying power, it’s no wonder that limestone is still the preferred choice for adding structure and elegance to commercial buildings and private residences.

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3 Pool Projects Enhanced by Eden-Valders Limestone

Eden-Valders limestone is the preferred choice for pool projects as it offers durability, strength, solar reflectance and absorption resistance that few — if any — man-made cast stone products can provide. Likewise, the aesthetics of natural stone are innately sophisticated and elegant, making each pool project unique and visually stunning.

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Why Type III Dolomitic Limestone is Preferred for Projects

Natural stone is among the most visually appealing building elements you can use, especially when you choose Type III Dolomitic Limestone for your building, landscape or cut stone project. It’s unique characteristics originate deep underground in regions of Wisconsin like Eden, Chilton, Oakfield and Valders, which are known for superior limestone, and the quarried product does not disappoint in areas you’re likely considering as you explore your stone options:

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5 Factors That Influence the Cost of Natural Stone

Natural stone makes a statement unlike any other building material. Its beauty, durability and design impact appeals to homeowners and contractors, but the price tag can deter use altogether or drive the decision to choose a cheaper man-made option like cast stone.

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