Year-End Roundup: Top 4 Posts on the Elements Blog in 2017

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The Elements Blog is a valuable year round resource for advice and information about natural stone products and applications. Our blog has proven to be particularly popular with our readers in 2017, so we’re recapping the top four posts in this year-end roundup:

1. Unearthing the Differences Between Cast Stone and Natural Limestone

Differences-Between-Cast-Stone-and-Natural-Limestone.jpgCast stone has long been a popular alternative to achieving a natural limestone look on a budget, but the problems that can arise using man-made products — including cracking, crazing, chipping, staining and unslighty repairs — may have you rethinking its value versus the one-time investment in beautiful, durable and strong natural limestone. 

2. What You Need to Know About Pool Coping and Pavers

Pool Pavers and CopingOne of the most important factors affecting the appearance, durability and value of swimming pool areas is the selection of coping and deck paver materials. Learn more about the fundamentals, functionality and other factors of these two crucial elements and what natural stone, concrete, tile and other materials offer your next pool project. 

3. 5 Factors That Influence the Cost of Natural Stone

Natural Stone Pillar Kit.jpgNatural stone makes a statement unlike any other building material. Its beauty, durability and design impact appeals to homeowners and contractors, but the price tag can deter use altogether or drive the decision to choose a cheaper, man-made option. Before settling for lesser quality and possibly being dissatisfied with results, weigh these five factors into the cost of natural stone to reveal its true value. 

4. Variations in Natural Limestone — The Imperfectly Perfect Choice

Natural Limestone Variations.jpgDespite millions being spent by the cast stone industry to create products that resemble natural stone, it inevitably results in a “perfect” cookie-cutter appearance and characteristics that can easily be identified as artificial or fake. In nature, however, no two pieces of stone are alike. Whether for a building’s structural, architectural or landscaping application, the inherent variations in limestone result in a unique look that can’t be rivaled by man-made products. 

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