How to Address Limestone Chipping or Staining

Versatile and naturally captivating, limestone is often the go-to building material for adding an organic element to residential and commercial spaces. Certain grades, particularly Type III dolomitic limestone, are also prized for their durability which makes them all the more ideal for wall panels, veneers, pool coping, flooring, fireplace facades, etc.

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How Salt Deicers Degrade Natural Landscape Stone — and What To Do About It

When winter hits, colder climates are blanketed with snow and ice. Landscaping made beautiful with natural stone walkways during warmer weather are out of sight, out of mind for months — putting them at considerable risk for damage by melting agents containing varying degrees of salt, from sodium chloride to magnesium chloride.

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Practical Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Natural Stone Surfaces

Natural stone is a natural wonder — tough enough to endure long periods of exposure to even the harshest of elements in nature, and made only more beautiful for having done so.

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