6 Ways to Incorporate Type III Dolomitic Limestone Into Your Home

In recent years, home construction and remodeling projects are trending toward the inclusion of natural materials. Interior applications once reserved for precast stone and other faux elements are now adorned with durable and beautiful limestone.

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2018 Natural Stone Design Trends for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Our booth at the NAHB 2018 International Builders’ Show® (IBS) gave us a rare opportunity to hear a number of perspectives about natural stone. While we recently shared key takeaways from the IBS, there are several more sustained or emerging commercial and residential design trends that architects, contractors and homeowners are partnering with Eden-Valders Stone to accomplish.

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Practical Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Natural Stone Surfaces

Natural stone is a natural wonder — tough enough to endure long periods of exposure to even the harshest of elements in nature, and made only more beautiful for having done so.

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What You Need to Know About Limestone Durability

As the principal building material for landmarks from the ancient Great Pyramids to modern marvels like the Empire State Building, the enduring beauty and durability of limestone has reached across time and borders to preserve moments in history. Given its staying power, it’s no wonder that limestone is still the preferred choice for adding structure and elegance to commercial buildings and private residences.

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5 Factors That Influence the Cost of Natural Stone

Natural stone makes a statement unlike any other building material. Its beauty, durability and design impact appeals to homeowners and contractors, but the price tag can deter use altogether or drive the decision to choose a cheaper man-made option like cast stone.

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Variations in Natural Limestone — The Imperfectly Perfect Choice

It’s been said that “perfection is a flaw.” When it comes to selecting a stone product for your building or landscape project, this is more true than ever. Despite millions being spent by the pre-cast stone industry to create products that resemble natural stone, it inevitably results in a “perfect” cookie-cutter appearance and characteristics that can easily be identified as artificial or fake.

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Prominent Buildings Built with Eden-Valders Limestone

Eden-Valders’ limestone is used in an impressive range of building applications, from architectural elements and coping to pavers, panels and stairs. Architects working on both spectacular residences and Class A commercial buildings select this remarkable stone for its beauty, durability, strength and absorption resistance. Perhaps you’ve even experienced Eden Valders limestone—here are just four notable examples of projects for which Eden-Valders stone was specified in the architect’s plans.

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