Why Commercial and Government Projects Need Type III Dolomitic Limestone

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Often conceived to last a lifetime, many commercial and government structures are erected from limestone. The iconic status of many U.S. buildings and monuments — the Pentagon, the Empire State Building, the Lincoln Memorial — is a testament to the durability of limestone.

It also largely explains why architects, contractors and building owners are choosing to use Type III dolomitic limestone in commercial and government spaces — either investing in it initially, or after an expensive lesson in cast stone breakdown like cracking, crazing, chipping, staining and difficult repair.

Interior and Exterior Applications

Beyond longevity, Type III dolomitic limestone offers unparalleled versatility for interior and exterior applications. Inside, limestone flooring is often introduced into highly trafficked areas like entryways and hallways since its high abrasion resistance can easily fend off the hazards of everyday use. Outside, this highest grade limestone is preferred for facades and cladding. This is particularly true for buildings constructed in colder climates, where harsh winter weather, salt treatments and/or snow plow spray, and repeated freeze-thaw cycles can wreak havoc on anything other than limestone facades.


Versatility also plays a part in the unique aesthetics of limestone. Depending on where the limestone is harvested, a range of color variations are available. While buff or beige tones are the most traditional, it also can have a gray, tawny, blush, or pink cast. Natural grain variations produced by the ages-old sedimentary rock layers can influence the overall hue, as can the finish applied. Satin-smooth, largely glossless honed or sandblasted finishes might play down certain characteristics. Heat-induced thermal or high-gloss polished finishes, on the other hand, can bring out the full color and character of limestone.


Unlike “cookie cutter” cast stone, Type III dolomitic limestone can easily be hand carved or shaped into one-of-a-kind moldings, surrounds and other decorative elements that complement and elevate the overall environment.

There is much to be gained from including limestone in your next commercial or government project. Learn more about the capabilities and characteristics of Type III dolomitic limestone in Understanding and Selecting Natural Stone: A 5-Step Checklist. Click the button below to access your copy now!

Understanding and Selecting Natural Stone: A 5-Step Checklist

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