What is Cut Stone?

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The most practical definition of cut stone is “natural stone quarried and fabricated down to exact specifications.” While true, the definition doesn’t speak to cut stone’s intrinsic elegance — often the deciding factor in incorporating it into landscapes and building projects.

However, cut stone’s beauty is only part of the appeal. Cut stone also suggests strength, longevity and a sense of purpose that acknowledges both the sustainability of the construction and the legacy of those who use it in their homes and businesses.

It’s hardly any wonder, then, that cut stone is intentionally chosen for creating a variety of architectural elements, including:

  • Caps and Coping to top off pillars, retaining walls and planters
  • Water Features that combine and celebrate the nature-made elements of stone and water
  • Doorway and Window components such as headers, arches, keystones, surrounds and sills
  • Stairs and Balustrades for walkways, porches, staircases and halls
  • Swimming Pool and Spa attributes that include coping, pavers, fountains and custom amenities
  • Panels for residential and commercial interior spaces and building facades
  • Varied applications like fireplaces, countertops, tables benches and signs

Given the precision with which features like these must come together for both function and aesthetics, cut stone products are the ideal solution. Each piece is quarried and finished using the latest technologies and a craftsman’s care to ensure quality and efficiency.

Accurately aligning dimensions with the architect or general contractor’s specs requires particular attention is paid to tight tolerances in joint/seam widths, lippage, stone thickness and flatness, and exposed edges. Depending on the project, tolerance measurements may be as scant as 1/32" with little room, if any, for variation. In fact, in many cases, any difference between the cut stone and the tolerances detailed in the specs means re-cutting — a costly and time-consuming misstep that can be avoided by working with cut stone experts like Eden Valders Stone from project design through placement. Our variety of natural cut stone helps you add depth and dimension to your residential or commercial project, and our fabrication expertise ensures specs are met without jeopardizing deadlines and budgets.

To familiarize yourself with more terminology regarding cut stone or the broader stone industry, download the Glossary of Stone Industry Terms for Architects. Click the button below to get your copy.

Glossary of Stone Industry Terms

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